My name is Christopher Stephen Nawojczyk. Welcome to my personal blog. This site is the personal journal and repository of my life experience and accrued knowledge on a wide range of topics. I created this space because I enjoy sharing wisdom and information gained over time from my entrepreneurial ventures, web development, Internet SEO, as well as philosophy, psychology and spirituality. I have a desire to share what I know with others because it makes me feel more connected to humanity.

Where I am From

I am originally from Eastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod and the towns south of Boston to be precise. I currently reside in Ramona, California.

My Interests and Work

I love to work on creative projects, invent, and improve the quality of things. I describe myself as a creative entrepreneur, and friends have referred to me as a renaissance man. I have lots of interests in lifestyle, art, music and philosophy. Since 2012 I’ve grown in my experience and knowledge of web development, which is why I created these sites. Thus I am an athlete of yoga and rigorous fitness, a flautist of woodwind instruments, and a writer—I enjoy expressing my thoughts through literature.

In order to organize these projects into a high caliber company, I launched NAWOJCZYK CAPITAL VENTURES. This main site is where you can find all my various crafts. It is the central enterprise and emerging hub on the horizons. Thankfully, “Nawoichik.com” was available. It’s a central European name, but there aren’t too many of us here in the U.S.

The U.S. Marine Corps

I am an entrepreneur at heart. That isn’t to say I’ve had my fair share of the ‘corporation of corporations’—the United States Marine Corps. I served for six years and got out as a lieutenant in 2012, being prior enlisted. Since being honorably discharged, I gained a passion for blogging and the open-source software of WordPress. Thus I have become a web developer and ethical hacker in my own right.

Lt. Christopher Nawojczyk at The Basic School, Quantico, VA

The total six years I spent in the Marine Corps were well worth it. As I always say, “No hard work ever goes to waste.” Though I don’t agree with much of what our military is doing around the world these days, including the general state of affairs in Washington D.C., I will always value my challenging experiences of growth and personal development in the U.S. Marines.

Lieutenant Christopher Nawojczyk at his commissioning ceremony in Boston, MA (2011)

I was always somewhat military-like in my daily behaviors. I would usually arrange my sock drawer a certain way, or religiously sweep floors every morning as part of a daily cleaning routine. Nevertheless, there is a creative and eccentric side of me too. I love yoga, meditation, artwork (oil painting), and various forms of dance.

There are two sides to me that create balance and a sense of unpredictableness. I like to create, explore, work hard, and reap the harvest.

Fife Music and the American Revolution

I am a flautist: I play the military fife and Scottish flute, along with other woodwind instruments. Since age eleven I’ve reenacted the battles of Lexington and Concord of America’s War for Independence as a member of the Sudbury Ancient Fyfe and Drum Companie in Massachusetts. I have a natural interest in American heritage and my Anglo-Saxon ancestry, dating back to the Bronze Age of the Celts. I have many interests…I just figured I’d mention a few.

Law School and College

Chris Nawojczyk at Boston College graduation, spring 2011.

I attended Suffolk University Law School for one year with good grades, and decided to take a sabbatical to work on my entrepreneurial projects. I am working to become an attorney of US Constitutional Law in the near future. This desire stems from my interest in American heritage and the ideologies of the nation’s founding, such as individual liberty, self-government, private property, and freedom of speech.

My undergraduate degree is in Psychology from Boston College. I graduated in spring of 2011 before my U.S. Marine Corps commissioning.

Reading and Physical Fitness

I enjoy reading, mostly non-fiction books. Physical fitness, yoga, pole dance, and healthy eating are major parts of my lifestyle. I founded a venture that serves this spectrum of my life, Flexible Venus.

Web Development and Geeky Open-Source Hacking

Currently, much work is spent building my ventures via the Internet and ‘brick and mortar.’ I say the latter because my connections to the real world are just as important as the virtual ones.

Open source¬†hacking is a phrase I termed to define information gathering through ethical, transparent means. The amount of education, knowledge, and wisdom to be gained in today’s world is quite accessible both online and elsewhere. Though information overload is a true phenomenon—it just takes a little focus and discipline to get somewhere.

WordPress is a great open source platform, which I have been using for all my websites since discovering it in 2012. I love to research, which is why I’m working on my law degree. It comes natural to me, which is why I enjoy blogging.